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Happy Dinosaur LLC

Calm Dinosaur

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Personality Palette Plush

Your personality palette is Calm Dinosaur! You are a chill person who prioritizes self care. This calming dinosaur will help you feel at ease; whenever you start to feel overwhelmed, give him a squeeze. Calm dinosaurs are available at Mama's Garden Skincare in lavender or eucalyptus scents.



Body - Eventide

Spots - Ice Green

Scales - Lemon Yellow


Made from 100% recycled  materials


Happy Dinosaurs are made from anti-pill fleece. This soft material made from 100% recycled fabrics makes the perfect huggable friend.


11" Dinosaur:

11 inch: 11 inches tall from bottom to top of head, 10 inches long from front feet to tip of tail, 7.5 inches wide from arm to arm

16" Dinosaur:

16 inch: 16 inches tall, 14.5 inches long

Shipping & Returns

Care Instructions

Happy Dinosaurs can be spot cleaned with fabric detergent and water. Dirty Dinosaurs are safe to go in the washing machine with no color damage. The Happy Dinosaur care team suggests washing your dinosaur with a load of towels or blankets on a regular cycle. Please do not put Happy Dinosaur in the automatic drier as they are made from recycled materials that may melt under high heat. Please air dry your Happy Dinosaur. 

Happy Dinosaurs have hand-sewn features; please return your Happy Dinosaur if damaged within 60 days of purchase for free Happy Dinosaur Care Repair.