Why Dinosaurs?

I am often asked this question - why Dinosaurs? Don't you ride horses? Why didn't you make Happy Horses? Well, for one thing, horses' legs are too long.

I truly believe dinosaurs will always hold a special place in every person's imagination. They are the closest real thing we have to fantasy because dinosaurs actually existed. We have just enough allure and information to give them stories. They're still a mystery though, and the process of discovery is both attractive and complicated.

You can ask a paleontologist: "If a velociraptor's femur is 25 inches long, how much would he have weighed?" And a biologist: "What kind of plants did herbivorous dinosaurs eat?" You can ask a film maker: "What species of Dinosaurs will sell on the big screen?" or you could ask a marketer: "What dinosaur archetype will promote this brand?" And everyone will give you a straight answer.

But when you ask a child: "What do you think this dinosaur will do?" They will ask you:

"Well, can my dinosaur fly? What if my dinosaur can breathe fire? I want my dinosaur to go on a party boat...wait, is my dinosaur a boy or a girl?" (These are real questions!)

A child will take something that adults started for them and then use their imagination, they will start with curiosity and questions and don't care about historical accuracy or sales.

Dinosaurs are the closest real thing we have to fantasy, because even as we grow up - and maybe sit behind a computer or cubicle, pay taxes and shop for groceries - humans will always be drawn to fantasy. Humans will desire a little mystery, a little what if? and a little wonder.

So I choose dinosaurs because it is the wonderful, human thing to do.