• Happy Dinosaur

    Happy Dinosaur is the main Hero of Ferncliff Valley. He embarks on an adventure to find out what kind of dinosaur he is and if being a dinosaur means he has to behave a certain way, or if he can choose his own destiny!

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  • The Clever Dinosaur

    The Clever Dinosaur is the first friend Happy Dinosaur meets on Westerly Shore. She always has everything you need and has incredible survival skills. When the dinosaurs discover the village, she is the first and unanimously selected village leader.

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  • Chill Dinosaur

    The Chill Dinosaur spends most of his time on the beach, hanging out with his friends and swimming with Bubba-Mu, the orca. One day, he notices Bubba-Mu is missing and the whole pod has been swept away in a great whirlpool. With the help of the Good Sea Monster, will the Chill Dinosaur stay calm in the face of danger?

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  • The Loyal Dinosaur

    The Loyal Dinosaur went on a journey with some of his friends to the Seldom Seen mountain range. When two of his friends get lost, the Loyal Dinosaur has the option to stay behind and look for them despite the risk of The Dragon, or to take advantage of a flock of albatross and escape.

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  • The Social Dinosaur

    The Social Dinosaur is the glue of the dinosaur community. She talks a lot but everyone loves to hear her stories even if they’ve heard them before. Social Dinosaur plays a stand up bass found washed ashore and is the first person her friends send to talk to someone new.

    Social Dinosaur values: COMMUNICATION

    Her Special Skill is: MUSIC

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  • Bubba-Mu

    In order to save Happy Dinosaur from drowning during the storm, Bubba-Mu, a young orca, carries Happy Dinosaur to his boat and pushes him all the way to Westerly Shore

  • The Sea Monster (Good)

    Not to be confused with the Evil Sea Monster, the good monster is stuck on the bottom of the sea floor and Happy Dinosaur must bring him to the surface to stop the whirlpool

  • Glowing Ember

    After helping Happy Dinosaur begin his journey, the old horse comes back to find Happy Dinosaur and tell him that there are more creatures like him who need rescuing in the Seldom Seens