Happy Dinosaur Time Line

Phase One: The Hobbyist

December 2019: A little dino appears as a sketch on a piece of AP Physics homework, and given the name Happy Dinosaur.

February 2020: Happy Dinosaur comes to life in economics class and a ceramic dinosaur sculpture is made.

March 2020: Happy Dinosaur begins as a fundraiser for the Rhinebeck Jane Brook's Food Pantry

June 2020: The first dinosaur plush is made and the first sale is made and delivered through a car window (it was the pandemic!)

December 2020: Happy Dinosaur is featured in its first store, Starry Bird Kids, in Rhinebeck NY

September 2021: Founder, Lyla Andrick's first entrepreneurship course at UConn begins and along with it the idea to grow Happy Dinosaur into a real business

March 2022: Happy Dinosaur wins 2nd in CCEI's Get Seeded start up pitch competition

June 2022: Happy Dinosaur goes to Rhode Island with Mama's Garden Skin Care, the second wholesale account.

Spring 2023: Happy Dinosaur participated in CCEI's Traction

Fall 2023: Happy Dinosaur starts supporting UConn's HuskyTHON!

April 2024: Happy Dinosaur attends HuskyTHON's dance marathon with a brand new style from a redesigned pattern and Dan Hurley signs a dinosaur

June 2024: Happy Dinosaur starts the 9th cohort of CCEI Summer Fellowship

Phase 1: The New England Dinosaur

Happy Dinosaurs take over New England boutiques!

Phase 2: the Happy DinoStory

The Happy Dinosaur books get written!